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Super Star onigiri is a designed for fans to create Starchaser app, allows fans to easily understand the social dynamic real-time information Star / Idol / love beans Weibo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on, anytime, anywhere closely guard their superstar. All Built for Fans, dynamic star fingertips!
1. Star on-line micro-blog, microblog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter instantly alert, grab the sofa, grab popular since then not a problem;
2. love beans comments, thumbs up, focus, etc., instantly alert, understanding between love beans and fans interactive information, perceived love beans every word and deed;
3. nearly a hundred love beans support voice remind you, as long as you love beans updated his Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you can hear the love beans personally call you to see dynamic TA a;
4. FAN love beans line on lap feature, where a collection of the latest and most dynamic love beans, love beans to miss every wonderful moment (if not yet opened stars FAN circle, allowing the fan club microblogging contact us);
5. love beans stroke function, star trip trail clear, star Mito day's worth the trip;
6. periodically send welfare, met tickets, concert tickets, autographed photos and other Zhou Bian album, always surprise you;
7 I love all kinds of beans, interviews, and live, share a different story, give you a variety of small surprises;
8. featured topic, you can upload high-definition Mito for your love beans;
9. support a key to reach the love beans Weibo, Baidu Post Bar, tribal interests, the latest information, such as super topic.

Super Star balls exclusive your Starchaser artifact, the latest information readily available!
- Online support the boot screen, logon page display, Banner, and other activities to promote the exposure, you can also do daily tasks, to enhance the visibility of your love beans!
- The following line should aid to support activities under various lines, the whole network should aid the first dining car, all kinds of LED publicity, can also provide exclusive love beans should aid program, various activities exclusive custom love beans to a different surprise!

Fans in addition to attention to current as Li Yi Feng, Lu Han, Wu Yifan, TFBOYS (Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Yi smelt one thousand Xi), Zhang Jie, Wei Chen, Chen Weiting, Huachen Yu, Yang Mi, Zhang Han, Chen Dong, angelababy, Dilly Reba, Deng purple chess Deng Chao, Zhang Yixing, Zheng Kai, Li Chen, Chen He, Xie Na, Huang Zitao, Liu Shi, Zhong Hanliang, Tang Yan, Lee Min ho, Lin Zhiying, JJ, Zhao Liying Yang Yang, Li Zhongshuo, Jin Xiuxian, Bo Ran, Li Yuchun, Bibi and other one thousand popular star microblogging dynamic information, you can also concerned about microblogging, search people they want attention, from TA's Weibo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter dynamic information readily available!

- Contact and Feedback -
For any questions and suggestions of products, please contact us!
Official website:
Sina Weibo: @ Super Star balls
micro-channel public account: Super Star balls APP
official QQ group: 431 234 509

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Category: Social
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Download: 50,000+
Developer: Asia Innovations HK Limited
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Version: Varies with device

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